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Carlsen Wins

Well that’s that. Magnificent Magnus Carlsen blew Fabiano Caruana away in the rapid play playoff games, winning the first 3 of 4 possible games.

With a time limit of 25 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move, Carlsen showed his class and superb ability to win convincingly against a world-class opponent.

Congratulations to Magnus, who wins the world championship for the 4th time. And congratulations to Fabiano who performed well throughout.

Cambridgeshire County Championship 2018

This year the Cambridge County Chess Championship was held at the New England Complex, Lincoln Road, Peterborough, on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November. Stamford Chess Club was well-represented at this annual standard play event, with four of our players making up the 32 places available.

Players had 70 minutes + 15 seconds per move-made thinking time. Matches were hard fought but by competition’s end there were some very good results to report. Richard Stokes won second prize in the ECF Under-140 grading section with 3/5. Juniors Scott Merriman and Nicholas Lees won 20 pounds each with 2.5/5. David Lees finished sixth equal with 3/5. Well done to all involved.

Stamford players are hoping that the good results will be reflected in higher gradings and look forward to the next opportunity to play competitively.

The official results were as follows:

1st Chris Davison 4.5/5 (£100)
2nd and 3rd= Paul Kemp and Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl 4/5 (£37.50 each, Ieysaa also received £60 for top junior)
4th and 5th= Peter Cusick and Andrei Timoshenko 3.5/5
6th-13th= David Lees, Ray Ilett, Francis Bowers, Mark Lim, Gavith Dharmassena, Michael Dunkley, Stephen Pride, Richard Stokes, 3/5
14th-20th= Oliver Lenton, Kian Dharmasena, Patrick Ribbands, David Mclean, Steven Ashworth, Nicholas Lees, Scott Merriman, 2.5/5
21st Patrick Sartain 2/5
22nd-27th= Daniel Wilde,James Conlon, Gary Tian, Tom Ingram,Adam Redstone-Bannon, Shivum Gordon-Shah 1.5/5
28th-29th= Peter Weinberger and Jennifer Goldsmith 1/5
30th-31st= Piotr.C.Chojak and Maryam Bint-Suhayl 0.5/5
32nd and 33rd= Simon Tian and Geeth Dharmasena 0/5


Carlsen-Caruana Update

The 2018 World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Fabiano Caruana (USA) in London has finished the first set of 12 games. All games were drawn, which is both extraordinary and a new record. The previous record for the number of first consecutively drawn games was 8. So the score is 6-6.

What happens now?

On Wednesday 28th November, up to 10 tie-break quick play games will be played to decide. If there is still no winner, then a sudden death blitz game will be played, where if the game ends in a draw, the player playing with the black pieces will be declared the winner.