Carlsen-Caruana Update

The 2018 World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Fabiano Caruana (USA) in London is in the second half. After 8 games of 12, all the games so far have ended in draws, so the score is 4-4. Will tomorrow’s match bring us the first win?

In game 8, Caruana as White definitely had the edge and an opportunity to win, however chose slower lines that allowed Carlsen to equalise and draw. Although Caruana had an extra pawn, it was not enough to win with each player still having a Rook and a Bishop and a few pawns each.

If it ends all square after 12 games, then up to 10 tie-break quick play games will be played to decide. If there is still no winner, then a sudden death blitz game will be played, where if the game ends in a draw, the player playing with the black pieces will be declared the winner. Tense stuff.

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